Pace Time Calculator App

  • Hour, minute, and second calculator
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide times
  • Convert hours:minutes to decimal minutes

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Written for Runners

Quickly and easily calculate your running pace. Track your progress. Improve your running times.

Perfect for Triathletes

Time is of the essence. Use our Pace Time app to find where your are losing precious seconds.

Tracking Workouts

Do you do multiple timed workouts during your day? Use Pace Time to add up your total workout time for the day.

Video Production

Do you still make DVDs for your grandparents that are not so tech-savvy? Pace Time is perfect for calculating the number of minutes remaining on your DVD or CD.


Pace Time is a general purpose time calculator, allowing you to add, subtract, multiply and divide times.
Pace Time can be used as a:
  • Hours and minutes calculator
  • Minutes and seconds calculator
  • Hours, minutes and seconds calculator
  • Time sheet calculator
  • Examples

    Estimate race times

    If you ran 3 miles in 28:16, you can estimate the time if you had run a full 5K (that's 3.1 miles)

    28:16 ÷ 3 x 3.1 = 29:12.5

    Want to run longer? How about a half-marathon at that same pace? (that's 13.1 miles)

    28:16 ÷ 3 x 13.1 = 2:03:25.9

    Want to break two hours for that half-marathon?

    2:00:00 ÷ 13.1 = 9:09.6 minute-mile pace
    Calculate transition time

    Add up the total amount of time you spent in transitions at your last triathlon, for example:

    2:37 + 1:44 = 4:21
    Time Sheets

    Calculate a time sheet for the hours you worked. For example, if you worked from 8:10 until 12:45, and then 1:05 until 4:30 :

    12:45 - 8:10 = 4:35 hours
    4:30 - 1:05 = 3:25 hours
    Crossing the 12:00 Boundary

    Here is another time sheet example to calculate hours worked for a full day: You worked from 8:10 until 5:15 with no lunch break. How many hours did you work?

    5:15 - 8:10 + 12:00 = 9:05 hours

    Because you passed 12:00 noon, you need to add the 12 hours back into the calculation.

    Perfect for any Weather Condition

    Don't want to run with your iPhone when its raining? That's fine. Just about every watch made today is water resistant, so run with your watch and calculate your pace times when you get back home.

    Don't want to run in the rain? Check out the Weather Wand 3-Hour Rain Predictor.


    Use the colon key [ : ] to enter hours, minutes and seconds.
    Swipe right to delete one digit at a time.


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