Jumpin' Jack Dash

Build ropes for Jumpin' Jack, the daring lumberjack, and keep him bouncing. Fly through the forest in this fast-paced infinite scroller.

Designed for iPad/iPhone/iPod.

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Help build ropes for Jumpin' Jack, the daring lumberjack, to make his way over and through the forest. It's not timber he's after, but instead he's lookin' for gold coins to trade for diamonds at the bank. His Bluebird and Owl friends, along with the balloons and shields will give him power-ups. But stay away from the lightning bolts that slow you down, and the Evil Crows that end his journey in a ball of fire. Remember to draw his ropes below the clouds. Collect coins to extend your gameplay, and trade your coins in the main menu for additional power-ups.

This app contains in-app purchases.


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