Business Apps

Greater Chamber

Greater Chamber app lets users browse valuable coupons offered by nearby businesses who are members of a registered chamber of commerce. This app is free to use, and anyone can browse through the list of chamber members and coupons. To redeem a coupon, a user can log in as a chamber member, or sign up for membership directly on the chamber website. Read more...

Enterprise Apps

Do you need an app that is only available for your company's internal use?

We can build that.

Enterprise apps are available for download from your own private App Store.

Fit In 20

Fit in 20 is an Enterprise app used exclusively by the coaches at 20 Minutes To Fitness to create personalized workouts and track client progress in their fitness studios. Get fit in just 20 minutes a week. Read more...


The Tropex app is an Enterprise app for managing plant inventory for Tropex Inc, a commercial interior plant leasing company. Read more...


Jumpin' Jack Dash

Jumpin' Jack Dash is an infinite scroller game. Keep Jack bouncing above the ground by drawing ropes for him to jump on. Collect coins as you go. Avoid enemy birds, and hit the friendly birds for power-ups. Contains in-app purchases.
Available free on iOS.

Spring Flower

Pick as many Spring Flowers as you can before they disappear. Get a time bonus by catching the butterflies, but avoid the bumble bees or you will lose time.
Available free on iOS and Android.

Mahjong Sakura

Mahjong Sakura is a solitaire mahjong game. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the board in pairs.
Available free on iOS and Android.

Hidden Object - Detective in the Pirate's Cove

Solve the mystery in the Pirate's Cove and uncover your lost memories in this hidden object game. Hold your breath and dive into this thrilling adventure in Hidden Object - Detective in the Pirate's Cove.
Available free on iOS.

Hidden Object - Treasures of Captain Sam

In Hidden Object - Treasures of Captain Sam you will explore an old mansion filled with fun games and hidden traps. Guide Sam through the all of the cluttered rooms to recover his family's lost amulet.
Available free on iOS and Android.

Weather Apps


RainAware is a personal weather advisor just like Weather Wand, but adds a whole lot more. It provides a 3-hour rain prediction at your exact location, 24-hour rain chances, and a 7-day forecast. You can also view animated radar images and see other cities across the US where it is raining.
Available on iOS and Android and Kindle Fire.

Weather Wand

Weather Wand is your personal weather advisor that provides a 3-hour rain prediction. Weather Wand will tell you when it is going to rain at your exact location, up to 3-hours in advance. If it is currently raining, Weather Wand will tell you when the rain will end. It also provides a 7-day extended weather forecast. Read more...


Pace Time Calculator

Make time calculations quickly and easily with Pace Time.

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide times
  • Calculate hours, minutes, and seconds
  •


Beta Testers

A Beta Test is the last round of testing before an app becomes available to the public. Would you like to test new apps for Blue Heron Labs? You get access to the latest apps we are working on before they appear in the app stores. If you are interested in helping us test new apps, please send us your email using the support form. Be sure to tell us if you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, or an Android or Kindle. After you sign up, you will be notified via email when it is time for the next round of testing.


Do you have a support issue, bug or feature request? Please let us know by sending us a message using our support form.